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SuperSoft Extra Absorb Diaper Pants For Day & Night
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Talc-free Baby Powder with Natural Corn Starch - 200g
Rs. 229.00 Rs. 199.00
Baby Wet Wipes for Sensitive Skin with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E - 72 pcs/pack
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Soothing Diaper Rashes Cream - 100 ml
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Virgin Pure Olive Oil Premium
100% Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil is known to be rich source of Omega-3 Fatty Acid, vitamins E, D, and K, which are all good for the skin.

Olive oil is good for massage as it calms down the baby and promotes relaxation that helps to soothe baby to sleep.

Fabie baby Spanish Virgin Olive Oil is 100% pure with no additives. It is Hypoallergenic & Non Sticky.

From field to finished product, we prioritize quality at every step. Product safety is utmost parameter and criteria for selection of any baby care products. Learn more about Fabie Baby quality natural products and what makes us different.
  • Each product is Tested at Dubai Central Laboratory, which is highly acclaimed laboratory. Products are also approved by Dubai Municipality.

  • Each product has pH- 5.5, which is a neutral so that your baby’s skin is balanced and in good health, and therefore better protected against irritants in the environment.

  • Skin-compatible raw materials, which gently soothe, nurture and protect the skin. Strict adherence to international standards at each stage of the production.

  • Time Tested ingredients are used. We make sure product remain high Quality. Free from over 200 Synthetic and Harsh Chemicals.

  • Fabie Baby products are created with natural, safe ingredients that help nourish, soothe and protect babies.

  • Committed to environment-friendly packaging. Recyclable packaging material used. No animal testing.

Premium Baby Essentials Ph5.5

Third Party Certifications

“I think the biggest indicator of how good a company is, is whether or not you'd feel comfortable giving the product to your own family, and I can tell you unequivocally that I feel very confident giving these products to the people I love.”
- Manoj K, Executive of Quality - Fabie Baby
Fabie Baby Loyal Customers for Baby Skin and Daily Essential Fabie Baby Loyal Customers for Baby Skin and Daily Essential
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It works great for my baby skin

I have tried many baby brand product but did not find suitable to my baby skin. Then i came across Fabie Baby imported product and tried them, they are really working great specially potty care bundle (diaper, rash cream, wipes, powder) which is best quality. Definitely recommended for new parents.

Anwesha, San Jose, USA

Love Love Love

I’ve been using the FabieBaby products on my baby’s skin for about a month now. When we started, the skin on baby’s legs was a bit rough and bumpy. That has now completely resolved. Baby tends to have sensitive skin, and has a bit of eczema as well. I love that these products don’t irritate things further. The texture of the lotion and baby shampoo, wash are great bath care combo. must buy

Swati, Fremont, USA

Makes me happy

I am simply in love with its baby Wash it cleanses gently and rinses easily. Best part, doesn’t dry out baby’s skin while maintaining a fresh smell.

Ruchi Sharma

Best Services !

Initial hesitation, but now regularly use. I am in live with Olive Oil and Baby Wash.

Priya Soni


If You are planning for Baby Products for your dear one, this is the best range of products available in India. The products are of superior quality.

Swati Agarwal

Best Seller

Mild, effective, and non-drying. Fabiebaby makes such brilliant products that are cosmetically elegant, and live up to their marketing claims.

Shreya Aniket Khale
Fabie Baby Shampoo Imported from Dubai
Fabie Baby Premium Skin Care Product

Mom's Corner

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baby skin care product
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Your Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Baby Skin & Hygiene Care Products

Listen up new and would-be parents! Babies need bath & body care stuff. Lots. Of. It! And to make your lives easier, Fabie Baby are sharing some important useful tips on how to pick up the best baby care products for your little one. After all, we love sharing ideas with you all!

We strongly believe that the best baby skincare or hygiene products are the ones you can trust! And that is why we want to make sure that you choose the bath care products that are specially formulated to give them the ultimate care, without compromising on the quality.

When shopping for baby care items, make sure the products are…
- Free of toxic ingredients such as dye, parabens, sulphates, artificial colour, free from 200 harmful chemicals, etc.
- Made with skin-soothing ingredients.
- Safe to be used on newborns and not just babies who are a few weeks old.
- Moisturizing as a baby’s skin is three times thinner than that of an adult.
- Hypoallergenic in nature because we don’t want the baby to cry all night due to an allergy.

Now that we know what to look for in the products for babies, let’s talk about some baby care essentials that you need to add to your baby shopping list.

Best Baby Products For Newborns That You Need To Stock Up!

We know you want nothing but the best for your baby and we truly understand the gentle care their soft skin needs. So here are some products for babies that you must stock up on.

- Lots and lots of diapers (because all they do initially is eat, poop & pee, sleep and repeat!)

- Baby wipes: They come in handy if your baby throws up or if you wish to clean their bottom properly before changing the diaper.

- Baby diaper rash cream: Fabie baby soothing Diaper Cream is a light, Non-Sticky cream with fast absorption and better spread ability. Its formula is enriched with natural skin moisturizers and conditioners that help to soothe Diaper rash, moisturize the skin in diaper area and helps protect from potential irritation.

- Baby wash: It is super important to give your baby a wash regularly as their skin is super delicate and prone to infections. For example, if their bottom is covered in pee for a long time, it can result in them catching a cold. So regular bathing sessions are a must- just make the products are newborn safe and free of toxic ingredients.

- Baby soaps: Baby soaps are super gentle and free of all the nasties. Also, they are specially formulated to ensure that they don't dry out the baby’s skin and help maintain the baby's skin's natural oils and cleanse their body properly.

- Baby shampoos: Even though some babies barely have a head full of hair, it is important to wash their hair regularly. It helps untangle their hair and also maintains the softness of baby hair.

- Baby lotions: We know you want the best baby products for newborns, right? Then make sure you also stock up on some baby lotions are they are a need! Some babies have dryer skin than others and require constant care. A great baby lotion will deeply nourish their body and also calm skin inflammation, if any. It can also be used to calm mosquito bites.

- Baby powder: We know you want the best baby powder for newborns, right? Then make sure you also stock up on some baby powder are they are a need! Talc free Baby Powder is specially designed to combat diaper rashes, unwanted moisture and irritation, leaving your baby's skin soft, contains corn Starch to absorb the moisture and to keep baby dry.

- Baby petroleum jelly: We know you want the best baby petroleum jelly for newborns, right? petroleum jelly locks in moisture all day long to care for delicate baby skin and helps to keep your baby nappy moist..

- Baby Olive Oil: Olive Oil is known to be rich source of Omega-3 Fatty Acid, vitamins E, D, and K, which are all good for the skin. Olive oil is good for massage as it calms down the baby and promotes relaxation that helps to soothe baby to sleep. Fabie baby Virgin Olive Oil is 100% pure with no additives. It is Hypoallergenic & Non Sticky..

- Baby Massage Oil: Fabie baby Good Sleep massage oil is enriched with natural skin moisturizers and conditioners with quality essential oils that help to moisturize, sooth and protect delicate skin and nourish skin..

- Mosquito Repellent: Fabie Baby Shield Mosquito Repellent Spray is personal shield to protect you from mosquitoes, flies and insects. Enriched with time tested herbs & blend of essential oils that create protective shield hence drives away mosquitoes, flies and insects. It contains no harmful chemicals/DEET, is safe for all age groups (including children/babies). A perfect shield for indoor & outdoor activities...

And if you’re wondering where to shop for the best baby bathing products for your little sunshine, we’ve got you covered! Fabie Baby products are the best baby products for newborns as our products are mild, super gentle and hypoallergenic in nature.

From the first day itself, you can count on Fabie Baby products to take care of your baby’s delicate skin. Whether it is a shampoo, soap, body wash, petroleum jelly, etc., you can find everything you need for your baby to maintain its hygiene and that baby soft skin. Here are some more reasons to justify why your baby will love our baby care items.

Our Fabie Baby products are…
- Diaper Pants quality is tested in USA
- No Harsh Chemicals
- Without Parabens
- No Toxins
- Tested at Dubai Central Laboratory
- Free from 200 Harmful Chemicals
- Provides up to 24 hours of moisturization
- Tear-free products for a fuss-free bathing experience
- Without Parabens
- Made with 100% skin natural ingredients
- Are as gentle as water
- Soap Free /(SLS/SLES Free)
- Newborn-safe - Infused with a mild, calming fragrance so your baby smells like a delicious fluffball all the time!
- Available online so you don’t have to search for ‘baby products online sites’. Just click on our site and start adding our products to your cart already!

Now that we’ve well established why Fabie Baby products are awesome, let’s talk about some commonly asked FAQs regarding baby care products.


What is Fabie Baby?

Fabie Baby is a dubai based premium baby brand that is designed,researched and developed in Dubai. Fabie Baby deals in Baby essentialproducts that includes baby skin, Hygiene, Diapers.

What certificates this have?

The products are certified with CDSCO (Central Drug Standard ControlOrganization), Dubai Municipality, tested at Dubai Central Laboratory.

Are these products are safe?

Yes! Products are Safe. Products are kept free from harmful and HarshChemicals. Proper due diligence is done during selection of raw material.Technical experts take stringent precautions during Manufacturing & Qualityprocess.

Where these products are manufactured?

The products are manufactured in Dubai, UAE and India at 5 different stateof art manufacturing plants in supervision of Experts

Where all these products are sold?

The products are sold in UAE, USA, Bangladesh, India.

Can I use baby diapers for newborn babies?

No! The Size for New Born Babies is yet not launched. Currently we have Small medium and large.

How do I know if the diaper is wet?

The five simple way of checking 

  • Notice if your baby is crying. Sometimes it may be time to change their diaper, once they begin crying. 
  • Smell the baby's bottom.
  • Try feeling it with two fingers just a little farther down than the top tagline of the diaper in the front of the baby
  • Hold your hand over the front section of your baby's diaper and slightly jiggle the diaper to see if it moves.
How long do diapers typically take to arrive?

Depending on the location, delivery time 2-5 days.

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