Baby Skin Care

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Talc Free baby powder premium quality

Talc-free Baby Powder with Natural Corn Starch - 200g

Rs. 199.00 – Rs. 499.00
Our Talc-Free Natural Baby Powder with Corn Starch is a remarkable ally in nurturing your baby's tender skin. Beyond just a product, it's a celebration of your baby's growth, comfort,...
Baby Care Lotion

Nourishing Natural Baby Lotion for Dry Skin

Rs. 449.00 Rs. 419.00
Differentiator No Harsh Chemicals Hypoallergenic No Parabens pH 5.5 Back Label Description Fabie baby All Day Care Baby Lotion is enriched with natural skin moisturizers and conditioners with quality essential...
Soothing Diaper Cream

Soothing Diaper Rashes Cream - 100 ml

Rs. 299.00 – Rs. 499.00
Differentiator With Natural extracts No Harsh Chemicals Calm irritation, Fast Absorption No Parabens No Toxin Tested at Dubai Central Laboratory Free from 200 Harmful Chemicals Back Label Description Fabie baby...
Imported Pure Virgin Spanish Olive Oil

Virgin Spanish Olive Oil for Baby Massage - 200 ml

Rs. 349.00 – Rs. 499.00
Differentiator HypoallergenicNo AdditivesNon StickyNo Added Fragrance Back Label Description Olive Oil is known to be rich source of Omega-3 Fatty Acid, vitamins E, D, and K, which are all good...
Baby Bath 200ml

Head to Toe Baby Body Wash - 200 ml

Rs. 299.00 – Rs. 499.00
Differentiator Soap Free /(SLS/SLES Free) Doesn’t dry out Skin, No Harsh Chemicals Without Parabens Back Label Description Fabie baby head to toe baby Wash is specially designed to cleanse gently...
Premium Imported Baby Massage Oil

Imported Good Sleep Baby Massage Oil - 200 ml

Rs. 299.00 – Rs. 499.00
Differentiator No Mineral Oil Hypoallergenic No Harsh Chemicals Without Parabens Story Baby needs massage and a good massage improves circulation, better sleep, and even stronger bones. Back Label Description Fabie...
tear free baby soap

Nourishing and Tear-free Baby Soap - 125g

Rs. 99.00 – Rs. 399.00
Certification: Tested at Dubai Central Laboratories, Dubai UAE USP: Hypoallergenic NO Tears and Moisturizing Doesn’t dry out baby’s skin No Harsh Chemical pH 5.5 Product Description Fabie baby Gentle Moisturizing...
Fabie baby Mosquito After bite roll on

Baby After Bite Roll On for Insect & Mosquito Bite - 40ml

Rs. 199.00 – Rs. 460.00
Reduces Itching & Rashes due mosquito & Insects Protection against all type of mosquito, bug and insects’ bites. Fabie Baby Shield Mosquito AfterBite Roll ON is enriched with time tested...
imported baby shampoo

Tear-free & Gentle Baby Shampoo - 250 ml

Rs. 299.00 – Rs. 499.00
Differentiator Hypoallergenic No Harsh ChemicalsWithout Parabens Soap Free /(SLS/SLES Free)No ToxinsTested at Dubai Central LaboratoryFree from 200 Harmful Chemicals Back Label Description Fabie Baby Shampoo is gentle and tear-free, specially...

As the largest organ of the body, baby skin is also the first defense against pathogens. Our baby skin care range ensures clean, moisturized skin that is well protected from dryness, sun burn, chapped cheeks or cracked lips.